Thursday, November 23, 2006

Prohibition vs Pleasure

Many a times I think:
--Do we derive or tend to derive pleasure from the things which are prohibited. Or
--All the things which give real pleasure to us are prohibited (by either law or religion or society.)

The reason to support the first cause is too simple. You are prohibited to do some things from your very childhood. Don't shout! Don’t cry, don't demand, don't out-laugh, don't play in dirt, don’t go with those bad-boys. Then -- don't drive fast, don't ride fast, don't drink, no late night outs, not that girl, why that boy? Why on terrace? Why this tee? Why this skirt? In all by the end of the onset of adolescence we have heard so many WHYs and so many NOs that our next few years are mere manifestation of some miswritten rules.
But but but …..This is not as simple as that. Everybody knows that it is the fundamental human nature that you will always be inclined to do what you are told not to do. Did our parents know that? Yes they did. Do we know that? Yes we do. So would we impose such restrictions on our forthcoming generations even after knowing such gospel truth? Yes we would. This is the pinnacle of irony. Then why the poor mankind has been doing so for ages? Why practice such a prohibition as can incite utter acceptance and desire. The reason is too shaking, too hard to digest and as tough to explain as was for Galileo to convince the Church of roundness of Earth.

The truth is that the whole mankind has been fooled for ages by some clerics or lawmakers or so called denizens of God’s realm. Let us see it through an example-

It is said that “There is no shortcut for success”. Do you know who said that? The first man ever, who discovered the shortcut to success, said that. Why? Because he knew that there exists so easy a shortcut to success that any body can reach there - now or then. So he played a trick, pretending that success is too fierce a horse to ride and whosoever rides it has a very high chance of losing his legs. Hearing this, all except a very few people never tried to reach the success. Of those very few people, all but one chose the long way. They never reached the success. They got lost in that long way. The only one man, who chose the shortcut, reached the success. But then he again followed suit. He declared- “The path to success is a real deadly one. Only those who dare to die should try to reach success.” Consequently for the normal world, the path to success got tougher and tougher. Those who believed it to be tough and deadly never set a foot on that path and those who reached the destination never told anybody that success is so cheap.

The same logic applies to the second point:
--All the things which give real pleasure to us are prohibited (by either law or religion or society.)

Who incorporated this prohibition?
The first man who found out the real pleasure.

He came to know that real pleasure is so easy and cheap that any body can easily find it. So he propounded all those things in a prohibition list saying that they are so bad that one should never try it. Poor junta followed the same. Junta never dared to break those prohibitions and who dared and broke never told any body that the pleasure is so easy to get………….So the prohibitions continue and outlaws enjoy. Poor world curses them……and the legacy continues……


therock said...


This article really sparks the Rebel in me which was always been pilled by Phohibitions ......

No argument to this article ...totally agree i am ...

Anonymous said...

hmn..worth pondering!!