Monday, March 3, 2008

quotes from movies

My mother used to say that taste of onion keeps on changing layer by layer and also doth changes with each layer is the nature(impact) of tears.

1. मेरी माँ कहा करती थी के प्याज की हर एक तह के साथ उसका स्वाद बदल जाता है। और हर एक तह के साथ बदल जाती है आंसुओं की तासीर भी।


Prabha said...

Have you read catch-22 by Joseph Heller? Sometimes, your posts and comments remind me of that novel. :-)

Tame me I am tired said...

No, even never heard of it.
But in a nutshell tell me is it good or bad that means constu or destru .. :-)

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