Thursday, August 14, 2008

Experience is Truth Belief is Myth

~~What's the most tolerable of them all? A) Mayawati's oratory skills at full throttle. B) A 43.75 years old DD News anchor trying hard to inform you. C) A gol-mol clean shaved Baba like creature with weight and age both equal to 85 preaching something to himself. D) Discovery Channel on India TV. This is what you get when you return from the office @2 AM and accidentally sit on remote in process to find a sleep. Well my answer is E) A French movie on HBO.

~~Throwing some light on that Baba, I believe he was shot during an sting operation because he has no clue that he is on TV. BTW if you ever get up early or get as lucky as me, feel free to get blessed on Bindass.

~~If some one remembers TB6 (that Russian channel which used to clear our fundamentals every Tuesday night when we were kids: Don't remember the exact name). I think these Bindass guys are taking a revenge on them.

~~Now some good news, this month I have been reaping money out of share market. One of my major investments is quadrupled in six months. And by sheer(not a spelling mistake) trading (shorting SUZLON and NIFTY) I already earned more than a month's salary. So will settle dues on my ICICI 'Platinum' Card. 'Platinum' I said was not qualitative but quantitative so now only cards with outstanding dues are ICICI Gold, ICICI Kingfisher, ICICI Silver, Citibank Gold, SBI Gold, SBI Railway, ABN AMRO Freedom, ABN AMRO Gold. After settling them I have decided to use only on card the BARKLEY one which I am going to apply for.

~~At last one question. How do you make your sister believe that love is the most expensive gift; that too two days before Rakshabandhan? Or how to initiate a fight with her so that she does not speak to you say for next two weeks? I desperately need answers....even 3-4 days will suffice.

~~At the very last one answer. Never try to blog @night I mean dawn believing that it will help you sleep. The situation worsens...experience is truth belief is myth.


Jeet said...

kaha se aate hain itne deadly !dea's..?? Well badhaiyan...!!

Suprem said...

@jeet ab bhagwaan ne buddhi hi aisee banayee hai kya karein :-)

Pushpendra said...

accha likha hero
wah wah

Himanshu said...

badiya hai... bahut hi achha balbalayein ..i mean bloggiyaen hain aap..

_shambhavi_ said...

r u really that annoyed with life or dyu actually enjoy it this way?

neways :)
its cool

thnx fr cmmentin on mah blog
n thankyu fr calling me smart...
heehee, nt used to praises


Suprem said...

It happens to me :-) now I am used to it.