Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Singh is King is Chhi Thing

After Kabul and Babul I am really but unwillingly forced to write about this Chhi Thing.

1. This is really a shit of a movie. I generally don't use such words but I cannot help it.
2. It becomes shitter when you are ordered to watch this @10:45 in the night and you know a awful lot that there are no sweet surprises waiting for you within and outside the theater.
3. It becomes shittest when you receive this call at 10:30 while sitting in a nice sports bar and just finished your third round of electric shots.
4. It becomes holy shit when you reach the theater and learn that the house is full (your and your friend's house are already full)
5. It becomes holier shit when you are happy to depart as you again started thinking about the fourth and fifth round of electric shots but out of nowhere a guy comes and offers you two tickets.
6. It becomes holiest shit when you have to pay rupees 230 for that extra ticket; you don’t have that much cash and the other holy handbag has everything except cash or cards. You then finally break your vow of not using that Credit Card again.
7. It becomes cow dung when no sooner do you realize that you have your mobile charger in your pocket than the security personnel finds it. Then he re-searches you and finds a match-box; then a pack of cigarettes; then some chlormint and mahalacto.
8. It becomes bull dung when at last he asks you to open your wallet and finds something which you don’t remember when you last used but is enough to cause you embarrassment and a smile on his face. He asks you deposit it; you are too discharged to argue because the billboard reads “People under the influence of Alcohol will not be allowed.” But tell me guys why did he ask to deposit it, I mean never heard about that kind of a bomb. But to all you bomb makers try this novel bomb. Blow two birds with a bomb.
9. It becomes an admixture of all types of shit when you watch a movie without a story, forced ill-humor, typecast acting, senseless editing, useless action, awful romance and retina killing lights flashes and dresses accompanied with another swipe of your card for some green juice(I really don’t wanna know what they call it), sweet corn, nachos, two large pepsies(I never wanted one for myself) and again a awful lot of popcorns. I mean how can you have sweet corn and pop corn in one go and even then you are on a diet.
10. What it becomes I don’t know when someone says “Wow, what a movie.”
“Bachna Aye Haseeno bhi 15th ko release ho rahi hai uskee advance booking kara lenge”
11. It becomes a disaster when you reach home and get a call “The house is not full”


sourabh said...

what a fandu mixture of all types of shit... i just can't stop laughing...

sir ji bas ek chota si shanka hai... ye ek manghadant katha hai ki aapki aap beeti... :):)

anyway aise hi likhte raha kijeye hum jaise padhne walon ke manoranjan ke liye...

paritosh said...

wah bhai wah kya frustration nikala hai movie pe.,.,aisa kya ho gaya katrina pasand nahi aayi kya??

Suprem said...

@ saurabh
dost ye dant katha pari katha ya jatak katha jo bhi samajh lo :)
waise bhi main humesha fiction likhta hoon agar sacchai likne laag to tum jante hi ho kya hoga
baki tum samajhdaar ho shanka ko shanka hi rehne do ... :)

Suprem said...

@pari dost karina ke sath jo dughatna hui use to dekho ,,, :)

Ashishvikram said...

Great posts being shared!!!

Suprem said...

Thanks dost! how are you doing?

Anonymous said...

I think I know .. handbag carrying 'India Gate' :-)

Suprem said...

@tum logon ko disallow karna padega :-)