Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Titleless Updates

~~To doston Rakshabandhan hansi khusi guzar gaya. All I had to do was to part with my six months savings and sell some (infact I am left with some) shares of Ambani Brothers for . Both (not Ambani Brothers) of them started with different likings one liked pendent and other did chain. They were happy till 4PM. Then the likings reversed. Chhutki started liking Badki’s pendent and vice versa. UN was forced to sit on the Judgment seat of Vikramaditya. LOC was drawn. Shimla Agreement failed. Till 6 PM neither India nor Pakistan wanted control over Jammu and Kashmir. Now they wanted Burma and Vietnam which were reject at the showroom.

ð Moral of the story.
ð Never shop with two sisters at a shop which has a six day exchange policy.
ð Never show your I card to proudly avail a 10% discount. A discount of 10% can inflate your bill by 100%.
ð One of the countries at war might win but UN peace personnel always gets killed.

~~Now some updates from the Couch Potato. India TV is betting high on the demolition day. Dunno its some 4 years from now. May God hear them? Please!!! Becoz there is no other way to shut ‘em up. Big Boss is back and so is Sahara Samay. Bindass is airing ‘Shark’ for some umpteenth time. I voted for Hum Apke Hain Kaun from on DD1. While I was trying to engulf the movie with water, they told me that they have cut the pie into three pieces and If I wanted the third and the last piece I need to meet them same time same channel tomorrow aur dekhna padega apna pasandeeda program 'Bioscope'. Point taken My Lord! Will wait Thy Blessings.


_shambhavi_ said...

i wish i could torture my bro that way...
he's smart, gts me a "surprise" gift all the time..
now i know why actually

... n u know what'll b better than the world cumin to an end?
-Blast the blessed newsrooms of that idiotic channel!
i can't beleive ppl actually can stand givin it TRP so that it dsnt go off air outta shear shame

neways... keep postin

Suprem said...

Bros will be bros
and sis will be sis[:)]
surely ur bro is smarter dan me but [:)] u need 2 exploit him more
warna sis hone ka fayda kya
sometimes I wish I were a sis[:)] and my sis were my bros
chun chun ke badla leta[:)]