Saturday, December 16, 2006

(B)(K)abul Expressed

  1. Babul and Kabul both rhyme as Humpty-Dumpty.
  2. Both made me loose a considerable amount of my head-top hairs.
  3. Both the movies witnessed my right hand rubbing against a pretty female audience in the pre-intermission session. (Alas! during both the movies my right hand seat was vacant during the post interval session)
  4. Toilets of both the theaters i.e. PVR and Shubham where Babul and Kabul were released respectively were more appealing than the movies themselves.
  5. A creature called John Abraham is rarely available with both the projects.
  6. 'Disprin' the directors of this drug are highly philic to the manufacturers of both the movies.
  7. Babul is a documentary of pre-independence era which emphasizes the aftermath and acceptance of the reforms carried out by Lord William Bentick. On the contrary, Kabul tries to be a documentary of the post liberalization era which reinforces the concept of 100% FDI (Foolishly Dumped or Invested) in the fields of Media/anti-Entertainment.
  8. Never mention, both were released on Fridays to make a feel as if they were movies.
  9. Hopefully and by His grace those Fridays were not Dry Days.
  10. And at last but not the least, both of them witnessed enhanced business to the divorce specialists.

1 comment:

pushpak said...

ha ha ha ...

Gurudev waah kya diagnosis kiya hai ...babul ka to bilkul sahi kiya hai ...Kabul ka kuch pata nahin kyunki maine dekhi nahin ...

aur accha hua DRY DAY nahin tha ...

vaise voh ladki kaun thi guru ..aur voh aapka wait ker rahi hogi second half mein ...voh bhi toilet mein ... [;)]