Sunday, December 10, 2006

An Enforced Story

“Hey, you people wait while I get some candies.” This was his daily affair. While we smoked and burnt our tracheoles, Vikram would bring us some candies. Hardly had it ever happened that he returned bare handed. In essence, his candies were an integral part of our dessert course. (Dessert was the code name we used for our smoking course after lunch). “Yaar, where is he stuck up? Is he like preparing candies or what?” – Today Vikram was late by miles.

But this time he returned; and returned not only bare handed but also red faced-
“Maa! This is what? You took money from my wallet.”
“Wo, beta”
“Kya wo beta? Scores of times I’ve told you. At least you should have told me…..and why mom why….I go to the shop and find my purse ruined. I mean, I feel damn insulted in front of my friends. Whenever you do some thing, you do it wrong.”
“Son, I forgot. I was busy preparing breakfast when your dad asked for some change for his morning pills.”
“Okay-okay I’ve had enough of you and dad. Hang-up now or you wanna tell me the whole Ramayana. Pleaaaase…… ”

I was a mute spectator(a writer should always be). Soon Vikram returned to his 32$ smile. But I could sense the ACT II of the story. And nonetheless I smelled the concluding act but I still waited for that to happen.
More than a few months or probably somewhere near about a year later………..
Ontogeny one again is ready to recapitulate Phylogeny

Same place, same scene, same situation, same plot as Act I but this time Vikram returned with a new 64$ smile.
“Yaar, ha-ha……you know when I opened the wallet at the shop to pay….ha-ha. I knew it was you honey……..”
His voice was fading like last of the last harmonics or probably I was not listening to that cellular conversation. After all what a writer needs, a true ending and that I had already got…………

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