Wednesday, November 28, 2007

EGO Metamorphosis

Both guys and girls have ego in fact this is the only trait which demarcates human beings from other creatures.Ego is the most important constituent of a relation ship mother-son relationship has a childish ego. You will say any thing to your mother or demand anything from her because you own her she is your mother. This is an example of Childish Ego.Father also has an ego. This is called The Domination Ego. Father as the head of the family has to carry it. You can say "Maa, zara paani dena” can you ever say "Pitaji, zara paani dena" no, not at all because The domination Ego is greater than Childish Ego.
How ego gets changed and exchanged during a male-female relationship

1. Both are strangers -- No Ego Overlapping

2. Forming Stage This is the relationship forming stage. The guy subdues his ego because he is always taught to win a girl. A girl has a higher ego cause she is taught that she is at the higher end of the relationship. It is she who is going to make the decision or the choice. So ego bias is towards the girl. Decision making power is biased towards the girl. Powerful Ego-The Girl ego.

3. The Norming Stage: Now the relationship enters a norming stage where both the parties have spend quite a amount of time with each other. Now the male ego needs a space. But the female ego is already stereotyped. Ego status is still biased towards the female. She enjoys a greater lot but the male ego has stated inflating. This leads to the next stage called STORMING

4. The STORMING STAGE: 90% of the relationships don't cross this stage. This stage is a real test of egos. As the relation progresses and the love factor comes in, it gives birth to the conflict/war of egos. Male feels love. He compares it with the Motherly love. When a guy needs love he wants it as unselfish as his motherly love. When a gorl feels love she sees her father/big-brotherin it. Some one who has always cared for his daughter.sister. The girls’ expectation are that she should be cared, respected and loved.But the boy is having a childish ego at this stage. This creates storming and clashes because of differences in expectations. Ego bias-disputed. Relationship determinator-disputed.Now comes the final stage the performing stage

5. THE PERFORMING STAGE: 80% of the times girls make a compromise to turn the relationship from STORMING TO PERFORMING. because they understand childish ego of boys. They have lerned this from their moher/grand mother. in this stage the EGO is with boys but the relationship head and the intelligent party is the GIRL. Now the parties in the relationship have turned into partners. EGO BIAS is MALE relationship head is female.

Then comes the marrrige and all the fundas fail. lady rules everything and every where.... hahahahaahha

1. Author is a freelance writer for human relations and runs an advisory service.
2. Author might or might not have similar positions while writing recommendations.
3. Rules expressed here are a personal research and observation. Any gains or losses following these advise will have zero liability on the author.

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