Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Why do girls study till the last minute?

A few weeks ago I attended an interview of a major IT giant. The interview was for some 10-12 odd attendees half of them being girls. Most of them were 3-7 years experienced and looking for a smooth sail. As usual I was late by a large larger and largest margin. I believe you will call 4 PM as late for a 1 PM call. But what I saw there was something so natural, so usual and so obvious that I was not at all taken by surprise. These 3-4 pretty prettier and prettiest girls were mugging up something from a book which was proportionate in the weight to their mass. Although I had to leave but I stayed there to see those books (of course). They were the girls from all the nooks and corner of India. Punjaban by mass, Bangalan by eyes, Southian by everything that I could barely see and don't ask me How did I identify the Marathan. The crisp is that they all were busy mugging up something or the other. Now can anybody answer this for me?

  • When I was in fifth standard She was in my bus and kept reading till the last minute of the class test or examination. ("She" here is a common noun representing the whole fairer community)
  • When I was writing High School /Intermediate board I could see "She" whether in rickshaws, autos, on foot, buses, cars or at the back seat of her father's/brother's scooter she was busy learning sorry reading sorry mugging something or the other.
  • When I was writing JEE/UPSEAT or any other entrance examination I again saw "She". This time also she was doing some research or invention by reading those coaching notes.
  • When I was in College I again saw her whether it be Class Test or End Semester "She" was again doing some extraordinary research till the last minute and till the final semester.
  • Then came the campus recruitment interview this time also "She" became slimmer and her book became fatter. Till there was a call from interview board, she was discovering something in this book. She went a few steps then again came back saw something important in the book turned a few rims of orient glossed paper and then finally went to the interview panel.
  • And then this inteview for senior laterals. God! they were hiring program managers and "She" was again found doing some research till the last minute
Can anybody find her for me? "She" must have won several Nobel prizes by now?


Prabha said...

'she' is out there everywhere... ;)

Tame me I am tired said...

I believe you got it wrong and I aplogise if I sound prjudiced towards the fairer sex(now dont hook me calling fairer)
But my question is intact. "Why does she study till the last minute:)"

pushpak said...

marathano ko kaise pehchane gurudeb....

Tame me I am tired said...

bhiyya REC me padhe hain har pradesh ki pehchante hain[:)]
by mass or by grass