Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hate at first sight........................... Why do I not like?

I could have well written the title as "Why don't I like?" but I did not. Why? Because I do not like to use "Why don't I like?" The choice is clear but the matter is not. Why do I not like? Frankly speaking, I do not even know the answers of these questions. This happens to me. Dislike without reason.

Many a times it has happened to me that I have started disliking a person in the very first meet. This is as important a feeling as is a Love at First Sight.Is it?


Live life like there is no tomorrow..... said...

i totally agree with u ..well i aslo dont like few ppl frm the very first time and i dont exactly can tell u why? i also wonder about it at times...if u find the reason first..then plz lemme know...

Suprem said...

@live life
but another thing[:)] which is even funny; some of my most adorable friends are those whom I hated at first sight.
Probably it is called neg-neg=positive