Sunday, July 27, 2008

Misadventures of a Software Engineer-The Beginning

Well I initially thought of this project as “Ek Software Engineer Ki Aatmkatha” to be written in Hindi but my typing skills in Hindi (after so much of a use of Indic Transliteration) have not changed yet. I might take me a decade or so if I really type all the misadventure stuff in Hindi. But for Hindi lovers I will hit back…-)
How it all started has a nice story behind it. I, my Project Manager and a colleague of ours were at the lunch table in our office canteen. Soon another friend of us joins us and asks me to shift – “Abe udhar hat!”

I said “yaar, thodi to izzat karo, aakhir main bhi ek insaan hoon.”

She said, “tum insaan kahan ho tum to Software Engineer ho!”

Unknowingly she had said a great sentence. And then I realized that SW Engineers are a community of their own. The caste, creed, religion, sex are these are a far cry for SW engineers. Soon I realized that how non-discriminatory we are! Soon I realized that they might have been biologically females but they were SW engineers. What if it was Eid, Rehman might know but production server does not! What if she was four months pregnant, her family might know but version 6.0 does not!Then I realized that slowly but unknowingly we have moved out of this breed called human. And so are our misadventures.

So the misadventures are many--infact, to find out from where to start is in itself a misadventure. Well, I was a software engineer by an accident, so are 99% of this community. I did not know what to do. I was not only unclear but also least bothered for my future. So what, I became a SW engineer. Afterall one has to do something in ones life. Okay, lemme tell you it was my 'FATHER'..... Had he not brought that Pre-Engg Entrance form? Okay, even if he brought the form; Why did he wake me up? I was in such a sound sleep that day..... daaad!


Alok said...

Tumhara blog angrezi main hai, lekin comment main apni zubaan mein likhta hoon. Tumhari Vidrohi Bhikshuk blogs bhi padhin, joh tum hindi mein likhte ho.
Tumhari umar ka pataa nahin, probably the right side of 25. I am myself on the wrong side of 30 now :)
Lekin jin baaton ka tum zikr karte ho - khaas taur pe bhari dopahar mein deewanon ki tarah cricket khelte rehna and all that - woh dil ko kahin chhoo jata hai. Needless to say that I am friggin SW engineer myself. I know there's no going back to the north india of my childhood. Agar wapis chalaa bhi gaya toh i won't fit in :)
Well.. long story short - tum likhte bahut acha ho. Meri aaj raat ki neend kharaab karne ka shukriya

Suprem said...

Bahut accha laga ki I was able to take you down the memory lane. Waise ab to wo dhool-dopahar ek kwaab sa hai. We cannot go back and todays generation relies more on processors than people.
BTW I too am shifting towards the wrong side of 25[:)]

Khair padhte rahiye aur hausla afzai karte rahiye,