Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Trivedi's SCOTT FREE Theory

Oft I had heard of bloggy ray and when I crossed the wild I chanced to see at the break of day a bloggy blogger wild. Crap nobody is going to understand it.......nien me.

Okay to cut short it means that my latest post is inspired by an idea from another 'Blogger Bhrata'


Fear of the aftermath in itself is a pronunciation of power. As far as relations or “selfless love” is concerned it is the exponent of power. Fundamental theory of "SCOTT FREE” Every relationship be it personal or professional consists of entities. These entities tend to Scot free in absence of any force. But there lies an intrarelational force which is directly proportional to the product of the powers vested in the entities.


Where K is an intrarelational constant and is dependent upon the effect of society or operating environment upon the individuals. Also to hold a relationship the value of F should lie within an optimal traceability bracket. i.e. if F is more than the upper threshold value or is less than the lower threshold; the relationship dies down. How ever before dying the relationship enters a transient state and might be oscillatory in nature.

I have also formulated a boss-sub-ordinate and Mother-Son relationship analogy and sucessfully fitted it into the formula. But am too lazy to write it down...aur aajkal meri vartani-trutiyan arthat spelling mistakes bhi bahut hoti hain.....fir likhenge...waise Scott ki sahi spelling Scott hai ya Scot ye mujhe zarror batana :-)

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