Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back with a bang

So guys (and of course a very few girlz) somebody is back – and back with a bang. Don’t remember last time kab main aap hazraat se mukhatib hua tha. But things ‘ve changed and changed a deal. Market ghus chukka hai and so is somebody. Cigarette ne maa-behan kar rakhi hai. 7 pounds ki cigarette somebody does not know how long will he survive. But one has to for Rozi and Roti. Well somebody’s got roti and Rozi ... Ram jane. By the way Rozi was last spotted with Ram.

This time I am not suffering from the problem of scarcity but the problem of abundance. I have so much to update but I am meddled. Some lessons – back is the preacher.

1. Try to avoid reading ‘Ved Prkash Sharma’ or ‘Reema Bharti’novels like ‘Hatyara Sasur’ or ‘Bigdail Bahu’ or ‘Vidhva Ka Pati’ in a long distance flight. You should better try to switch to something from say what a a a a.... !John Grisham. It is not that you will be perturbed by the squinting eyes of your fellow travellers. Hey man – Ved Prakash Sharma fans don’t care...... But but but the problem is severe. What if you just spent 5 hours to read a novel(some guys are real fast, believe me) and then you switched on to a repository Hollywood movie. ... and then you find out shah!!! You just read a movie. Man! There is limit. Did you think that your readers will never have an access to Hollywood movies?? Still luv u guts!
2. It is unfair to ask a man that how’s he surviving in London when you know that he survived successfully in Teliarganj, Chennai, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Andaman CA and even in the Octopus Land. This is not ‘Watashiva Ha Ha’ or Linloo Chintaoo.
3. Don’t be over-joyous to take a middle seat with females on either side without knowing that one is lefy and other is righty and both are well equipped with giant make-up kits. Karo-Karo in handbags ka kuch karo....

Hey and at the last—don’t ever ever keep your baggage open even in a hotel room even if you are paying 45 pounds per night. Mice really love Britannia Good Day from India and your favourite Blackberry Trousers too. It is when that you realize the Council warning on the wall is not useless..... there are ao many more to follow

hey one last one never leave your laptop back home .... Somebody left his laptop back home. Look what did he bring in his laptop bag two jackets and two inners.. poor man god bless him. This might just cost him in excess of 650 pounds.....some more to follow....for... next one


Jeet said...

phir apni per utar aaye na... manoge nai..!!

Jeet said...

sach hai sach hai aisa hi hota hai maine ved prakash sharma ki ek novel padhi thi uske baad maine pay check movie dekhi to ved prakash sharma ke uper bahut bahut gussa aaya.

shadkam77 said...

Jai Ho .. :)
mast likhte ho guru ...
trliyarganj dhanya ho gaya, rather, main dhanya ho gaya teliyarganj dekh kar aap ke blog me :)
and vps and rm :) - unka zikr bhi ... mujhe ek blog me aur kyaa chahiye :)