Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gazab Diwali!!

Gazab Diwali!!
This Diwali was different. Even differenter than the diffrenetest. People and especially girls sorry women have already planned that what they have to wear for the day. Even I belive, the gold to be worn was calculated till the third place of decimal.
But this ‘somebody’ who surely is the protagonist of the story has something else in store for us.
Diwali morning:
‘Abe mere kapde machine se nikale the?’
Kyon tere baap ka naukar hoon?
Abe sale itna sa kaam bhi nahin kar sakte ho! I said you in the night. What will I wear today?
Then he takes out one..two..twelve..fifteen shirts. All have been worn at least thrice. No probs, trousers will do fine afterall they ought to have beneath the table all d day. Okay so just wash the collar, iron it to dry and put on a sweater. And finally God! Accept the sacrifice of this deo.
Now comes the crackers.
All the scrupulous and intelligent people had already bought the crackers and other stuff. Okay somebody did not buy but resorted on my flatmates. And this was an act of mutual resorting. By the evening all have parted their ways. Now somebody is feeling haunted in the house. Okay buy crackers or go to the fire show. Lets eat something. Rasogullas, chhole, matar-pulaav, something something.
Fridge is empty,
some butter, a few tablespoons of curd, 1kg salt, 1 kg sugar, chick pieces (chana and belive me only there were a few pieces)
Now tell me an instant recipe with above ingredients. Sorry had an egg and a few cucumbers too.
Okay will buy something , or go outside. Door-Open, courage froze. Snowing and raining till numbness. Will better try my luck into cooking
So decision is to make a scrambled egg with chana, cucumber and curd put into it. It was also decided that the gas will be used first time as scrambled egg does not fit into the scheme of microwave.
It was a midway between the final product, that one of my cooking mentors arrived. ‘ye kya kar raha hai, pagal ho gaya hai, diwali ke din anda khayega’. Somebody heard the voice from the deep well, it sounded like an echo in an empty belly. ‘Haan!’
Ruk kuch karte hain!!!
Mentor uncle tries to light a burnor, and wwwwrrrrooooooommmmmm. This was the first cracker although he fired it but ‘Somebody’ created it. The oven knob was on and somebody was thinking that ‘egg takes too much time too cook.’ Ya they do , on an unflamed burnror...

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