Thursday, January 22, 2009

Being Suprem Trivedi

So guys somebody is back and back without bang. New Year is almost a month through and so are the clutches of my derailed life. So many people have always accused me of writing fiction. So a word for them. This is truly me, me and nobody else. Call it soliloquy, call it self-deprecation, call it whatever it calls for. I have been wobbling for long under the covers of disclaimers; but now the time has come to shackle the shackles. Gone...gone...gone there they go.
1. A friend calls me to be more precise a male friend. I am on silent. Screen reads 11 Missed Calls. Dial *131# on my mobile, screen reads ‘Your Balance is 0 Pounds and 0 Pence’
2. Bought an echo drive for 8000 INR, told its cost 2000 at home cause dad won’t like it. Irony – papa Trivedi says, ”Aag lagate hain paise mein, ghadi bhi kahi 2000 ki aatee hai!!”
3. The ghadi bought in point 2 has not even been worn 8 times. Its echo drive cell is discharged, reason it slept in darkness in the deepest corner of my so called wardrobe between some unwashed undies and bundies.
4. The mobile talked about in point 1 is used to keep a watch on time and not calling.
5. Wake up at 8 O’ clock, reach office at nine. Commuting time is 50 mins, I am all fine.
6. You see someone, remember her face, also pass a smile, thought she might be a nurse at your local NHS. She sits two cubicles next to you.
7. You wont hire a cab cause it costs 15£, you lose your 35£ booking cost, you go to a pub, have 5 Double JDs with soda@7.50 per peg
8. You have 12 lakhs one loan, 5 lakhs another loan, 70 thousand another loan, 7 credit cards of almost diminished limits of a lakh each, your overdraft is 800£, your friend asks you 5000, your SBI credit card reads 35000 C instead of 30000 C.
9. You write this much, you accidently close your winword. God bless auto save feature of MS Word.
Mind it!! its not easy being Suprem Trivedi


_shambhavi_ said...

bt dnt lose heart.. luk at the bright side of it.. ur alive, n ur not bein subjected to racism.. :)
things will b better soon, all u need is a hisab buk buddy.
cheer up

Ankur Chandra Srivastava said...

very good.. especially point 2 and point 9..
point 8 will give me sleepless nights..